Cartier Clé de Cartier series remodeling Key of Time

birth all the good things there is always an opportunity or a story. Like every watches have accompanied the birth of fate. In 1904, Louis Cartier for his friend – legendary aerospace pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont (Alberto Santos -Dumont) designed a flight with a watch, and “Santos” name. Since then, a legendary jeweler opened the legendary watchmaking road. 1918 Tank series, in order to break the deadlock WWI tank for inspiration, not only to pay tribute to this military invention, also expressed the people’s yearning for peace and desire. And even the 2007 Ball on Bleu series to a hot air balloon in human history – “Montego Phil Hot Air Balloon” as inspiration, a symbol of the stereotype of a breakthrough innovation. However, after a lapse of eight years, Cartier watch new member of the family Clé de Cartier series finally born, what is accompanied by a story?

Cartier new members Why is “a key”?

For over a century, Cartier watch at the time of the creation of the count remains at your own pace and rigor, not only to watch lovers their classic memorable, but also full of hope for its further innovation. Today, the latest Clé de Cartier series finally born, the French “CLÉ” means the key, this is the story of a nostalgic time.

Remember the old clock child family? That old melodious bell is time left to our initial impression, grandmother at home, the grandmother clock from time to time with a key inserted into the hole, the only home debugging time machine. Are you not also secretly take his magical keys to check it out? The latest Clé de Cartier watches is the key to this ancient timepiece inspired debugging, which melt at Clé de Cartier series crown design, and Cartier usual manner mounted a sapphire, even more delicate mysterious. Old watch chain has been a key to adjust the time and tools, until the nineteenth century, the performance of the chain and adjust the time on the key was gradually substituted crown. Today, Clé de Cartier series back to the key inspiration for the design, full of nostalgia and return mean, it was tempting to have recollections.

Meanwhile, Clé de Cartier Series crown in the shape of the key not only to achieve the design, but also in the experience have similar feelings. First, the crown on the chain and adjust the time function and general watch the same, the difference is much like using a key-like feel. Tune in for the first time on the watch and chain, you must first appearance shape key unscrew the crown, just as with the key debugging classical watches in general, after the adjustment is completed, the crown is pushed back to its original position, without hands they It can automatically restore the vertical position. In addition, the design is more pleasing sound to add special effects, a soft “click” sound associated with the rotation and movement Push crown, stimulate the senses in a delicate place. This mysterious charm in no way inferior attractive old child at home that Ding grandfather clock.

The only moon wearing Omega OMEGA limited edition diamond watch


The only moon wearing Omega OMEGA limited edition diamond watch

  2007 is also the 50th anniversary of Super Series Pa birth year, OMEGA OMEGA launched a special series of limited edition products; In addition, Omega OMEGA also debuted configuration coaxial escapement Tourbillon chronometer, museums and eternal Products Limited 7 Olympic products, for many table fans, definitely worth the wait.

  OMEGA Omega in sailing, track and field, swimming and other world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsored golf tournament in Europe, has served as the Olympic timer of 22 times. OMEGA OMEGA is the first one is the only one to be worn on the moon watch.

watches have developed a number of series, such as fashion Omega OMEGA Constellation (Constellation), Omega OMEGA De Ville (De Ville), as well as professional use table Seamaster, Speedmaster series. In addition, modern stadium in the worldwide large-scale video matrix scoreboard is Omega OMEGA one of the results of the invention. OMEGA OMEGA Company believes that the composition of “OMEGA” five letters may be interpreted so that several features of the brand disdain peers, that is: O representatives Olympics (Olympic), M on behalf of Mega-precision (ultra-precise), E on behalf of Elegance ( elegant), G on behalf of Geography (Geography), A representative of astronaut (astronaut).

Omega Constellation Double Eagle Chronograph


Constellation Double Eagle coaxial time-table brushed red metallic section

To celebrate the Omega Mission Hills World Cup to become the title sponsor, Omega launched the “Omega Mission Hills World Cup” Constellation Double Eagle coaxial time-table. “Double Eagle” (Double Eagle) This Order golfers familiar name, meaning players under par three results (ie a ball in the hole), which requires extraordinary technique. Omega Constellation Double Eagle coaxial time-table also embodies the exceptional watchmaking with cutting-edge technology. Omega coaxial escapement device patent system 3313 self-winding movement, providing accurate timing is a dynamic campaigner. While this watch is 41mm in diameter by comparing the texture of the surface layout showing a highly tactile aesthetic, the surface is lined with beautiful carbon fiber texture, and more details of the watch at the same covered with black rubber, making it a favorite outdoor sports choice.

Constellation Double Eagle coaxial time-table available in 18K red gold or titanium matte metal styles to choose from. Case design uses on the Constellation series of classic features and integration into the modern design style, such as the perfect use of black rubber materials. Constellation Double Eagle coaxial time-table followed the Omega Constellation series of unique asymmetrical claws design, first used in 1982 in the Constellation series of classic design elements.

18K red gold models with a light coating of lacquer bezel, crown and chronograph buttons matte red gold; red gold Roman numerals bezel located above the varnish, breaking the traditional design. Omega logo located above the red gold crown.

Titanium metal style bezel, crown and chronograph buttons are covered with black rubber, the case with a matte texture of each other, contrasting the watch movement style to the fullest. Stainless steel engraved with Roman numerals on the bezel; similarly covered with rubber crown Shangzhui Omega logo, a symbol of Omega watchmaking technology excellence and leading position in the watch session established.

Surface Both watches are decorated with a patchwork of black carbon fiber texture materials physically vaporization deposition (Physical Vapour Deposition) process, express on the surface composition 8-shape 12-hour and 30-minute counter; and provided in small seconds dial at 9 o’clock and set at 4 and 5 o’clock position of the calendar window has also created a stylish new design layout.

Arch-hour scale, Omega logo, representing the Constellation star emblem logo and triangular arch pointer by Lassa polished whole, create a more three-dimensional effect and deep feeling. In addition, flush with the end of the triangular arch pointer covered with luminous coating, can still clearly display the time in a dark environment. To ensure still clearly read in daylight or bright time, the watch is also equipped with a double arc arch anti-reflective, abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal. At the same time, to commemorate the world-class golf Omega sponsored events, screw the bottom cover on the back of the watch engraved with “OMEGA Mission Hills World Cup” (the Omega Mission Hills World Cup) words and signs.