And a take-off dream IWC Pilots Watch Classic appreciation

Fly sky, flying in the sky a lot of people from childhood dream of, but for most people, but that is only a dream to fly, always hanging in the air in general, can not be achieved. However, wearing a flight table (Pilot’s Watch) satisfy themselves in the cockpit, but the dream is much easier to implement, plus flight table typically has a clear and concise face plate design, reliable shock and magnetic properties, and even a chronograph second time zone design, wonder whether at home or abroad, have been much flight table table fan favorite. Altar table today, the most in the flight table known about non- IWC IWC perfectly. In the watch industry known as “watch industry engineer” title of the IWC , born one hundred and forty years ago, such a long history, shape the IWC IWC in watch design industry indelible position. In its typical brand watch them money, especially to dominate the airspace of the century “flying table” has been a fashion collection of players taste.

IWC since the 1930s on R & D and production system flight table, except during World War II for the British manufactured Mingwenxiaer Mark military form, but also to accept the German air force Luftwaffe commissioned to design a large-scale flight wrist table Beobachtungs-Uhren (Observer’s watch, or simply B-Uhr). King dial and luminous hands B-Uhr pilots praised the great performance seems better than the Mark. The system produced between 1948 to 1984 Mark XI is the first official only by the RAF (Royal Air Force) certified official flight watch, there have also been searching for enthusiastic collectors. Subsequent Mark XII, XV and even XVI are the continuation of Mark XI creative features, respectively, although switching to JLC and ETA self-winding movement , but still losing both traditional and modern charm, with the majority of supporters.

Big Pilot’s Watch Big Pilot’s watch, stainless steel case , the table diameter 46.2 mm, hours, minutes, small seconds, power reserve display, 51111 automatic winding movement, power reserve 168 hours, waterproof 60 meters, alligator band.

Apos As the IWC Pilot Chronograph and UTC is called is appended to the chronograph and second time zone flight performance table, but also for the IWC flight table adds a different look colorful, the following let us appreciate these classics watch the charm. Big Pilot Big Pilot’s Watches: automatic movement designed for maximum design leader for the first time in 2002 IWC Big Pilot watch engraved Big Pilot, called watch the flight of the apex. It is equipped with exclusive production of 51110-type movement, embodies the IWC table proven craftsmanship. It is not only the world’s largest automatic movement, are also equipped with automatic Pellaton winding system, can in the shortest time accumulation 8 and a half days of power reserve, and a patented mechanism at precisely 7 days after the operation failed on the chain, stop the movement operation, to avoid any timing errors. In 2006 the IWC IWC table Big Pilot launch of the new minor changes, its minute hand and dial exterior design has been modified, more elegant harmony.

Mark XVI pilot watch, stainless steel watch case, the table diameter 39 mm, hours, minutes and seconds, date, 30110 automatic movement, waterproof 60 meters, crocodile leather strap.

Make sixteen pilot watch Mark 16: fusion of traditional and modern classic

IWC Classic Mark series flight table of the most famous feature is the face plate design allows the driver to easily read at any time to grasp the latest generation Mark sixteen watch diameter increased to 39 mm, face plate diameter increased and imitate the cockpit instruments design, more concise and legible; simultaneously coated SuperLumiNova patented fluorescent paint on the dial and pointer, so time is displayed at a glance. Elegant retro style watches, and its superior performance magnetically shielded so watch excellent precision operation. Mark sixteen 30110 watch with automatic winding movement, run accurate convincing, 42-hour power reserve, accurately shows the date and time.

Spitfire UTC Universal time watch, stainless steel case, diameter 39 mm, hours, minutes and seconds, date, 24-hour UTC time display, 30710 automatic movement, waterproof 60 meters, crocodile leather strap.

Spifire UTC Spitfire Universal Time Watches: plenty of power pilot

Universal Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for pilots is very important, it is Greenwich Mean Time (According GMT ) as the basis, so that the time difference across the globe are consistent. For this reason, IWC IWC since 1998 launched Pilot’s Watch UTC Universal time 24-hour display of. Spitfire Universal Time watch is a well-known to the history of aviation aircraft flying Spitfire Spitfire tribute table, not only for its elegant appearance and superb technical features and eye-catching, and more particularly local time dates can be preceded by one hour units by calibration tables fast or slow the tone, the performance is very important not only for pilots on commuter passengers in all continents, and the need for global communications and businessmen in terms of equally important.

Spitfire Double Chrono Spitfire after needle chronograph, stainless steel case, diameter 44 mm, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, day of week, after needle chronograph, 79230 automatic movement.

Spitfire Double Chrono chronograph stopwatch: Designed for people who do not need the co-pilot design

Designer watches IWC IWC will Spitfire fighter interceptor elegant lines ported to Spitfire chronograph watch. In almost the same method to rivet the metal bracket fixed to the skin, this will watch the numbers and hands are “riveting” in the dial. Makes the watch appear to have a clear sense of three-dimensional. In addition to the time used to calculate the intermediate red double chronograph second hand, mechanical chronograph movement to drive other five pointer it is reminiscent of the shape of the propeller blades of the legendary fighter and reconnaissance aircraft.

Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph Edition Top Gun two seconds after needle chronograph, black high-tech ceramic case , titanium caseback, table diameter 46 mm, hours, minutes, small seconds, date, week, two seconds after needle chronograph , 79230 automatic winding movement, power reserve 44 hours, waterproof 60 m, anti-glare sapphire crystal.

TOP GUN pilots chronographs stopwatch: Designed for people who do not believe in gravity design

TOP GUN pilots chronographs stopwatch set the IWC for professional pilots and watch all the accumulated expertise, and equipped with high-end two seconds after needle chronograph performance. Its black case with high-tech ceramics, buttons, crown and caseback titanium metal is dark gray machine-made; in the case of soft iron to resist the magnetic field, including accelerated by gravity to 5,000 times and so a series of strict harsh test, confident in extreme environments is still accurate running hour, enough to be worn on all competent won Top Gun Top Gun logo top driver’s wrist.

Cartier Clé de Cartier series remodeling Key of Time

birth all the good things there is always an opportunity or a story. Like every watches have accompanied the birth of fate. In 1904, Louis Cartier for his friend – legendary aerospace pioneer Alberto Santos Dumont (Alberto Santos -Dumont) designed a flight with a watch, and “Santos” name. Since then, a legendary jeweler opened the legendary watchmaking road. 1918 Tank series, in order to break the deadlock WWI tank for inspiration, not only to pay tribute to this military invention, also expressed the people’s yearning for peace and desire. And even the 2007 Ball on Bleu series to a hot air balloon in human history – “Montego Phil Hot Air Balloon” as inspiration, a symbol of the stereotype of a breakthrough innovation. However, after a lapse of eight years, Cartier watch new member of the family Clé de Cartier series finally born, what is accompanied by a story?

Cartier new members Why is “a key”?

For over a century, Cartier watch at the time of the creation of the count remains at your own pace and rigor, not only to watch lovers their classic memorable, but also full of hope for its further innovation. Today, the latest Clé de Cartier series finally born, the French “CLÉ” means the key, this is the story of a nostalgic time.

Remember the old clock child family? That old melodious bell is time left to our initial impression, grandmother at home, the grandmother clock from time to time with a key inserted into the hole, the only home debugging time machine. Are you not also secretly take his magical keys to check it out? The latest Clé de Cartier watches is the key to this ancient timepiece inspired debugging, which melt at Clé de Cartier series crown design, and Cartier usual manner mounted a sapphire, even more delicate mysterious. Old watch chain has been a key to adjust the time and tools, until the nineteenth century, the performance of the chain and adjust the time on the key was gradually substituted crown. Today, Clé de Cartier series back to the key inspiration for the design, full of nostalgia and return mean, it was tempting to have recollections.

Meanwhile, Clé de Cartier Series crown in the shape of the key not only to achieve the design, but also in the experience have similar feelings. First, the crown on the chain and adjust the time function and general watch the same, the difference is much like using a key-like feel. Tune in for the first time on the watch and chain, you must first appearance shape key unscrew the crown, just as with the key debugging classical watches in general, after the adjustment is completed, the crown is pushed back to its original position, without hands they It can automatically restore the vertical position. In addition, the design is more pleasing sound to add special effects, a soft “click” sound associated with the rotation and movement Push crown, stimulate the senses in a delicate place. This mysterious charm in no way inferior attractive old child at home that Ding grandfather clock.

The only moon wearing Omega OMEGA limited edition diamond watch


The only moon wearing Omega OMEGA limited edition diamond watch

  2007 is also the 50th anniversary of Super Series Pa birth year, OMEGA OMEGA launched a special series of limited edition products; In addition, Omega OMEGA also debuted configuration coaxial escapement Tourbillon chronometer, museums and eternal Products Limited 7 Olympic products, for many table fans, definitely worth the wait.

  OMEGA Omega in sailing, track and field, swimming and other world-class events as the standard time, and often sponsored golf tournament in Europe, has served as the Olympic timer of 22 times. OMEGA OMEGA is the first one is the only one to be worn on the moon watch.

watches have developed a number of series, such as fashion Omega OMEGA Constellation (Constellation), Omega OMEGA De Ville (De Ville), as well as professional use table Seamaster, Speedmaster series. In addition, modern stadium in the worldwide large-scale video matrix scoreboard is Omega OMEGA one of the results of the invention. OMEGA OMEGA Company believes that the composition of “OMEGA” five letters may be interpreted so that several features of the brand disdain peers, that is: O representatives Olympics (Olympic), M on behalf of Mega-precision (ultra-precise), E on behalf of Elegance ( elegant), G on behalf of Geography (Geography), A representative of astronaut (astronaut).